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Syrian father and son killed

Syrian father and son killed in protests following evening prayer

Monday, August 22, 2011 - 23:52 GMT+3 - Syria

Updates from the ground -

Homs: following evening prayer at the Fatima Mosque, protestors were fired upon by security forces. Resident Alaa Abdul Latif Abu al Laban and his five-year-old son Majid were killed. His daughter, who was standing on a nearbybalcony, was seriously injured.

In total, five people were killed in Homs today, with over 80 wounded.

Abu Kamal: After evening prayer, security forces opened fire on a crowd of protestors killing a young Kurd, Kisra Sheikh-Moss. Two others were seriously wounded.

Kiswah: A campaign of detention was initiated near the Anas bin Malik Mosque. There were numerous arrests.
Dumair: There have been reports that army and security forces are patrolling the main road, intimidating residents andmaking arbitrary arrests.


Source: AJELive

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