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Majority behind Palestine's statehood (?)

'Most states back Palestine statehood'
Interviewed Sabah el-Mokhtar, President of Arab Lawyers Association in London Despite facing opposition from the US and the West, Palestine has pushed for statehood in hope to reconnect the Gaza and the West Bank through east Jerusalem (al-Qods).

The proposal for a Palestinian state is to attain recognition for the Gaza Strip and the West Bank as a Palestinian state, with east Jerusalem (al-Qods) claiming tobe the capital.

The proposal is to be presented at the United Nations in September.
Press TV interviewed Sabah el-Mokhtar, President of Arab Lawyers Association in London, to give us his thought on the topic.

>> Press TV: We are going to discuss the move towards a Palestinian statehood next month.
What support does the Palestinian delegation currently have for announcing statehood at the UN, next month?

>> el-Mokhtar: Well, it is expected that most ofthe African countries will support. It is expected that quite a substantial part of Asia will support. So, the Non-Aligned Movement is behind them, the Arab countries are behind them. Most of the Muslim countries are behind it, some of the countries in Latin America.

So, there is a very comfortable feeling that there would at least be a substantial number of people. We all know that the USA and the European countries and many other countries being bought or threatened will vote against, but at the end of the day, in the general assembly, I think there will be a comfortable majority for the statehood of Palestine.

>> Press TV: What are the implications when that vote is passed?

>> el-Mokhtar: Technically speaking there isn't. There is a moral one, there is a legal one in the sense that Palestine will be ableto ask states to recognize it, so once we get into that movement, then that would bring pressure on the countries which willactually have to justify the position.

So, for instance, here in the UK, we keep on saying that we are playing the role ofmediators trying to sort out the peace and what have you. But at the end of the day Britain is really very much pro-Israeland against the Palestinians. It will be more difficult for the British government to actually justify its position after that date, in what is going to happen.

>> Press TV: For example, the illegal settlements building In the West Bank, if you have got a Palestinian state announced, you will have to have a shape for that state.

>> el-Mokhtar: Yes, there are two issues here. First of all the settlements, as they stand now with the Palestinian state or without the Palestinian state, are actually contrary to international law.
There are a variety of resolutions; there is variety of international instruments. Among them are the Geneva, Vienna Conventions etc. were by occupying forces cannot change the topography ofthe occupied territories, and these are occupied territories and their international law. So, these are illegal anyway.

If there is a state then presumably that state will have a much higher moral standing in addressing the Security Council, in addressing the secretary general, in addressing states, because at the present moment there is no Palestinian state to address the international community, After that one there could be, although it would not be really the exact definition of a state, because a state would have to have control over the territory.

>> Press TV: Will the proposal going before the UN September the 5th actually manage to, in any meaning full way, meet Gaza with the West Bank?

>> el-Mokhtar: Well, it's hoped that if there is a recognition of the state, then there would be pressure being brought by the international community on the United Nation institution, because obviously, at the end of the day, we have to go back again to the Security Council, because it is the ruling body there.
So, we would have to go there, and we would have to somehow get some decisions that enable the two part of Palestine to be linked together, just as much as Veolia is linking these settlements.

A state cannot be just separated into two parts without any connection. One would hope that at the end of the day that when the injustice and the breach ofinternational law it becomes so obvious and so clear to the world that the world community will, at the end of the day, bring pressure to bear on the world community, on the United Nation.

And indeed I think the biggest problem we have is not just the USA but Europe itself. Europe is making all sorts of statements, but in fact it doing absolutely nothing, and you've just alludeto the Veolia situation were by most of our councils, or a lot of our councils here, are being run by this company.

>> Press TV: So would you say it is quite important, figuratively, when the state might be announced to see who are the friends and who are the enemies to the very idea of a Palestinian state, and finally line up those countries.

>> el-Mokhtar: Absolutely, because at the endof the day, one would hope that the declaration of the state would enable the Palestinians to put pressure on the statesto recognize it as a state, just as much as Europe is doing with Libya now, for instance, kicked out the ambassadors and brought in new people, then this timethe Palestinians should begin to put pressure there.


Source: Press TV
##>>> telah keluar pelbagai cadangan terhadap isu Palestin, tetapi ia seolah lebih memihak kepada Israel. Masalah tak pernah usai sampai ke sudah.

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