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Arab League urges UN to act on Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip

Mon Aug 22, 2011 6:17AM GMT
Karim Gamal el-Deen, Press TV, Cairo

The Arab League condemned Israeli air attacks on the Gaza strip, stressing that the United Nations and the international community must take action to end the ongoing assaults.

"We issued a statement condemning the Israeli offensive on Gaza and Egyptian land which is not new for Israel which has always ignored international laws and treaties."

Meanwhile, the Palestinian ambassador to Cairo assured the participants that the Palestinians will seek recognition from the UN in september. A UN membership request will be submitted by the Palestinians to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon when world leaders begin gathering for the 66th session of the General Assembly on september 20.

Also, the Arab League will ask Switzerland to organize an urgent meeting of countries that have signed the Geneva Accord. This is an attempt by the Arab league to put global pressure on Israel.

Officials say, the Arab League will continue to be in open session, and they called on the United Nations to take all the necessary steps and measures in order to stop Israeli attacks on Gaza.

## Seperti ada kura-kura pula dalam PERAHU Pak Arab, mahu selingkuh lagi ya ...


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